October 25, 2008

HRL 2008

Tomorrow , 26th October , 2 days after NVS Diwali Mela, Sunday, will be the Second HRL hosting at HOLYY NETWORK, Aurangabad. It is going to be a big event, where 10-12 players have already registered.

This tournament is a 2 vs 2 Tournament.
Best of Luck to everyone.
There is still time to enter, or spectate.

Chief Guests
Aditya "aiya`dt" Bharadwaj
Abhishek "HOLYY" Bharadwaj

Host »
Shivam "shom" Bharadwaj

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Registered Players »
☻Raghav "palle" Patne
☻Rohit "rOit" Deshmukh
▲Rushi "fastest freak" Mundada
▲Shivdeep "snow" Kale
☼Akshay "AJ aaky" Jadhav
☼Suraj Wadgaonkar
▓Anuj "nuDge" Irawne
▓Saurabh "Shin Chan the naughty boy" Lathad
☺Mihir Muley
☺Shamil Khedgikar

Total Teams > 5 > ☻▲☼▓☺ (not actual logos)
Last minute Team Changes are acceptable, but not during the Tournament.

.cfg file and Gamers Agreement , coming soon.

April 11, 2007

1st HRL

The first HRL was held on the first Sunday of March.
Attended by 4 people -
  • Akshay "AJ aaky" Jadhav
  • Raghav "palle" Patne
  • Rohit "ROIT" Deshmukh
  • Varad "JOSH" Garge

Varad was indeed a spectator .

This HRL was actually a 1vs1 CS 1.6 Tournament hosted by Shivam Bharadwaj "shom".

The first match was ROIT vs palle and palle won the toss and took t , the map was inferno. palle always going on the A site (near ct base) won mostly all the rounds. But ROIT showed his skills when he was given t, he equalled the score. ROIT wud have easily won the game when he got a chance to frag palle who was just in front of him, but ROIT as usual , a foolish player , had greed and went behind palle , to get THE BEST FRAG award (another award o HRL).

ULTIMATELY , palle won by just a mere 1 round though there has to be a margin of 2.

AJ got a BYE.

Then the finals were played between AJ and palle. Three maps had to played.

The first map was bloodstrike where AJ lost as he wanted to knife palle in the end , otherwise AJ wud have been the clear winner. A good display of flashes and nades were shown here.

The second map was dust2 where palle AJ, angry and upset bashed palle with his M4 in every single round. AJ showed his aiming skills to with AWP.

The third map was selected as cpl_mill bcoz this match similarized shom's belief of 3D vs SK, CPL 2005(winter) to that of AJ vs palle's match which went of till the end. Nades and flashes made the spectating much of fun in this map. THE BEST FRAG was selected here for palle headshot on AJ flashed blinded. The match went on for quite a bit of time. palle clearly defeated AJ , but AJ was given chance as u was the former BEST player between the 4 people. To satisfy AJ's plea , map was switched to bloodstrike, but still , palle defeated AJ by a long 5 rounds.

This was palle emerged as a clear winner of the CS 1.6 HRL and the winner of THE BEST FRAG. He a trophy and 2 medals and a cash prize worth Rs.100.

The event went of great using 2 laptops and 2 computers, lots of junk food (lots , i'll tell u we couldnt finish the chocolate cookies).

Photos and demos will be uploaded soon.